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Pink & Grey Fat Gonk with Spotted Hat – 33 x 14 cm

  • Size: H 33 cm, W 14 cm
Pop an gonk on the shelf! This jolly red and grey gonk is a helpful pal, making toys and games for Santa. But what is a gonk? Some people think gonks look like a funny little Santa. Others think they look like particularly festive gnomes. At first glance, you can see why; gonks are stout little fellows with such long, bushy beards that it covers most of their face. Paired with their favourite fashionable accessory, a pointed hat pulled over their eyes, all that’s left to see of a gonk’s face is a sweet button nose. Gonks are often dressed in warming and festive coats, and sometimes like to show off their funny striped socks. By lore, these little guys are never taller than three feet, so these little miniature gonks are so cute to add to your home.


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